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Mexico 1849 entire used at GB Post Office, Vera Cruz
1944 Xmas Greetings pictorial airgraph soldier/dandelion CMF to London
1943 RAF India WW2 pictorial Xmas airgraph Indian rope trick to Skipton
1943 Christmas Greetings Airgraph Middle East Forces to UK
WW2 Seasons Greetings pictorial airgraph: Middle East Forces with naval censor mark
1943 Xmas Greetings pictorial airgraph: RAF MEF with palm trees
c1943 India pictorial airgraph: White Christmas on a magic carpet
1944 India Greetings pictorial airgraph: map & palm trees
1943 RAF MEF Xmas cracker airgraph w/KGVI 3d stamp
1944 CMF pictorial airgraph: soldier in snow dreaming of white Christmas
1944 RAF India pictorial airgraph: Jerry Christmas & Jappy New Year
c1944 RAF India pictorial Xmas greetings airgraph: Christmas pudding
1943 East Africa Command Xmas pictorial airgraph w/Swahili greeting
1943 North Africa 96th General Hospital pictorial airgraph: British North Africa Forces
1944 Birmingham Post Office pictorial airgraph with 21 staff signatures
1941 Middle East Forces Christmas Greetings pictorial airgraph: Santa on a camel
1912 Olympic Games slogan on Swedish envelope
1906 Athens Olympics short set of low value commemoratives on postcard
1905 King Edward VII 1d on Railway Passengers Assurance Company envelope
London 1839 4d Post Period Free Envelope signed Baron Langdale
1923 PAQUEBOT LIVERPOOL 1 1/2d Postage due and other markings
1910 King Edward VII 1d PPC RMS Campania: PAQUEBOT CARDIFF datestamp
1874 L2 late fee marking on surface-printed cover to Germany
1907 King Edward VII 2d + 1d registered envelope: boxed LATE FEE 2D and perfins
1856 Queen Victoria 1d postal stationery envelope: M/NR in red
1971 Testing Purposes Only w/trial theatrical advertising slogan
1957 Isle of Man TT Races Golden Jubilee slogan
1958 X Ray Motherwell & Wishaw special local slogan on envelope
1952 Belfast BAAS skeleton on registered cover
1940 Field Post Office 3 censored cover: Iceland to UK
1963 Nigeria PPC to Belgium with transit mark OAT FS in London
1919 London CBS (Camden Town) High Street George V 9d agate
1913 KEVII 7d green LONDON SNA Southgate Parcel Post label
1896 York Rise Kentish Town parcel post label with QV 4 1/2d
1839 Derry outer: PAID AT DERRY and No 5 Receiving House marks
1910 Blarney Castle PPC used Belfast with LATE FEE PAID 62 mark
1908 Dover PPC posted Calais on board ship with 1d charge mark
1916 Naval Air Service cachet and RECEIVED FROM HM SHIP mark on French PPC
1829 Parkhill Scotland outer to London w/Inspector's Crown & 2 additional ½ marks
1846 Metropolitan Sewage Manure Company printed letter
1844 Entire: rare TP Merton Receiving House mark on 1d imperf
1873 Prices Current to Prussia at 1d printed matter rate
1905 Trades Exhibition Plymouth handstamp on Ye Olde Plymouthe Exhibition PPC
1907 RMS LORD OF THE ISLES cachet/cancelling KE7 ½d w/GREENOCK cds
1779 2-line LAMPETER town stamp on reverse of entire charged 3d to Carmarthen
1883 LESMAHAGOW small Scottish skeleton on scarce type registered envelope
1901 Mauritius Special Inland postcard w/2c adhesive: 1 mint, 1 used
1939 Katherine River mail plane wreck cover: UK to Perth, Western Australia
1945 Rare 6 Anna King George VI airletter sheet with pictorial Christmas Greetings
1912 Northern Nigeria King Edward VII 1d stamp with superb NARAGUTA pmk on PPC
1891 Canada "large head 15c" fine adhesive on trimmed cover with MONCTON NB duplex
1947 King George VI 9d used BRITISH P.O. TANGIER with O.A.T. to Stockholm
Queen Victoria 5c Newfoundland postal stationery envelope (1889) used 1937 to commemorate accession to throne
1906 Virgin Islands King Edward VII 1d on Jamaica PPC
1923 Tonga 2d on 5d adhesive used on cover to Vancouver
1942 Sudan Indian Forces at Atbara with FPO R-2 pmk
1941 Rhodesia British Navy label on uncensored cover 2d to UK
1903 Registered Sierra Leone PPC: Sherbro to Switzerland
1933 First Flight by Glider (Vienna to Semmering) on special PPC
1894 QV 4½d Registered on Envelope to Holland
1857 Manchester cover paid 6d to Constantinople with BPO Paid pmk
1936 Palestine FPO 18 Ramallah pmk on KGV 1d+KEVIII ½d rate to UK on cover
1941 Northern Rhodesia airmail cover to MEF soldier POW
1895 Victoria Australia unused 1d blue postal stationery postcard advertising tobacco and beer
1903 Malta 1/2d King Edward VII adhesive on PPC with ST PAUL'S BAY VILLAGE pmk
1919 Gilbert & Ellice Islands 5 x 1d King George V stamps overprinted WAR TAX registered to Canada
1935 Registered Envelope Size F on blue paper RP43 fine used
1923 Barbuda BWI registered cover with overprinted Leeward Islands adhesives
1895 Seychelles 15c Queen Victoria Pictorial Specimen postal stationery envelope
1934 Southern Rhodesia to Nyasaland 1st Official Airmail Envelope
1943 Forces green envelope sent airmail with Nyasaland adhesives
1947 Pakistan 6 anna Indian airletter overprint - unused
1943 Kenya-Uganda-Tanganika 25c Meter Mark on military airmail letter card
1895 Australia Dead Letter Office Melbourne returned letter envelope to Fiji
1869 QV 3d surface printed plate 5 on entire
1896 QV 2d+2½d STO 9 florets dies on cover registered to Bonn
1921 Re-rated Forces Registered Envelope 2d military + 3d violet RP35
1869 Southampton 723 5 bar duplex on 1d plate no. cover
1943 King George VI 6d airletter sheet with solid address lines - unused
1915 King George V STO 10d blue postal stationery envelope - unused
1888 AMERICAN EXCHANGE IN EUROPE special advertising env UK to USA w/2½d
1855 2d star small crown 16 used Edinburgh to Woburn with rare seal
1850 QV 1d imperf cover with 873 in blue; on repaired cover with Weymouth P.O. seals
1841 1d imperf pl 9 on printed receipt
1890s Stamford Mercury pre-cancel 742: superb strike on 1/2d brown wrapper
1889 QV compound stamped to order 2½d+2d envelope registered to Germany
1905 King Edward VII STO env: 1½d+4d+4d plus additional adhesives
c1957 Unused QE2 3 x 2½d stamped to order envelope
1855 1d star blued paper: large crown P16
1942 King George VI 2d reply card with roulettes - unused
1869 Superb QV 1d plate 103 cover Newmarket cds
1848 Very small 1d imperf used on cover Catterick to Fairford
1841 1d Mulready advert letter sheet [a 237] from Form 6
1877 Complete pad (12) Certificates of Posting; 4-line addresses
c1905 King Edward VII 1/2d wrapper with neat NPB cancel, EMR perfin
1888 QV 5d Die I used on cover London to New York
1891 Jaffa postmark on cover: 2 x 20 Para overprints used to England
1899 Jerusalem Xmas Day pmk reused on Xmas Day 1900 from Warsaw with registered label
1906 Hawaii understamped PPC to Sheffield with 5 centimes Tax mark
1900s Romania ship postmark: Tulcea to Galati
1915 France PPC with superb TRAIN SANITAIRE postmark
1895 Spain Crown Circle of ESTAFETA DEL CONGRESO in blue on cover
1935 Belgium to Belgian Congo airmail envelope: return trip on Sabena
1874 Austrian PPC: K.K.FAHRENDE POSTAMT No. 1 TPO cancel
1929 Monaco 40c reply postcard used to Sweden with additional adhesives
1901 Montenegro 10 heller adhesive on cover used CETTINGE
1911 Netherland Indies T.P.O. Soerabaya to Bandoeng B on religious carvings PPC
1937 Holland World Scouting Jamboree cover with set of commemoratives and labels
1926 Egypt Ruralpost IBRAHIMIA-RAMLEH postmark on PPC
1927 Danzig 20pf Esperanto postal stationery postcard re 19th Congress
1929 Egypt Prince Farouk 9th birthday set of stamps, used on Luxor Winter Palace envelope
1880 Queen Victoria 2d blue registered envelope Glasgow to Venice 2 1/2d pl 16
1947 King George VI registered letter scarce size G - blue inside with Henlow Camp postmark
1933 King George V 1½d+1½d foreign reply card - fine unused
1906 King Edward VII 5d (SG244) on chalky paper used Glasgow to France
1904 KEVII 1½d SG221 on Irish PPC to Australia
1963 Pictorial QE2 airletter sheets (x2) Views of London
1903 King Edward VII 3d registered envelope with additional 4d adhesive
1913 King George V 4d adhesive on PPC - overpaid postage
1971 QE2 pre- & post-decimal combination Registered airmail cover
1937 Scarce HOME DISTRICT S London datestamp used on Coronation Day
1910 King Edward VII 3d registered envelope size G with superb additional adhesive
1893 Privately Produced PC Commemorating Russian Fleet in Toulon
1911 Indo-China PPC with 3 strikes YOKOHAMA-MARSEILLE No. 1 Ship Cancel
1947 Registered Cover with 12th U.P.U. Congress Paris set
1894 Private Letter Card overprinted for death of Tsar Alexander III
1912 India 1 anna King Edward VII on Aden PPC with YOKOHAMA-MARSEILLE No. 3 ship marking
1937 Danzig 10pf postal stationery postcard for DAPOSTA 1937
1940 Helsinki Finland Olympics slogan on double-censored cover to UK
1900 Denmark 10 ore postal stationery postcard: Hotel Kongen vignette
1863 Denmark 4S stamp with 181 TPO duplex on cover
1919 Belgium Post-WW1 temporary datestamp used Verviers: American style
1937 Carte Commemorative postcard: 1st Salon Aeronautique Brussels
1925 Special Olympic Congress Prague postal stationery postcard and postmark
1944 Japan special cancel for 3rd Anniversary Daitoa Senso (WW2)
1938 Pictorial Portuguese Advertising Cover: drinks importer/exporter
1904 Turkey used in Palestine postmark at Nasre (Nazareth) on PPC
1883 USA cover NEW YORK SHIP LETTER DUE 6cts marking
1887 USA 90c postal stationery envelope
1903 HABSBURG OE:LLOYD shipping cancel on Adriatic fisherman PPC
1955 Greenland 40 ore stamp on polar bear PPC to London
1925 Switzerland Flown PC with rare 40c violet airman stamp
1941 Serbia German Occupation postal stationery card with additional stamp
1923 Switzerland flight cover with airmail set (x6) to Munich
1913 German seapost cancel on postal stationery postcard
1934 RIGA LATVIJA Scout Jamboree slogan on cover to UK
1943 Auschwitz Concentration Camp lettersheet sent to Radom, Poland
1910 Special Austrian PPC: International Jagd-Exhibition Vienna with special postmark
1926 Albania airmail set of 7 stamps: 5qind to 3Fr on Aero Lloyd cover
1886 Berlin Hoster cancellation on postal stationery postcard
1881 German Post Office Constantinople datestamp on postal stationery postcard
1903 Norway Columbia Trial cancel: Kristiania & NORGE in bars
1889 German 3pf local stamp on Berlin cover
1906 Rome Italy 6th UPU Congress cancel on Vatican PPC
1938 Iceland Independence set of stamps (3) on registered cover to New York
1909 Italy used in Tripoli de barbarie squared circle: addressed to London
1905 Austrian Post Office in Beirut registered cover to London
1924 Lithuania airmail set on flown registered cover: Kaunas to Danzig
1892/93 Liberia 3c postal stationery postcard used BASSA to Netherlands: Liverpool Packet transit
1908 Italian PPC Palermo used on board "Solunto" steamer to Tunis
1912 Italy used Tripolitania military post 4th division cancel on PPC Derna
1946 German POW Luxembourg outbound censored cover
1888 Salvador 11c postal stationery cover
1927 Japan 50th Anniversary UPU stamps (x4) and special postmark
1892 Sweden 5 ore postal stationery postcard: Grand Hotel Gothenburg vignette
1907 Syria PPC used with Turkey 20 para used abroad to London
1925 USA to Bermuda airship airmail cover
1936 King George V unused 1d+1d postal stationery postcard
1912 King George V 1/2d Downey Head on PC: scarce no cross on crown
1947 King George VI registered envelope 5 1/2d size H
1935 Spanish Guinea registered cover Santa Isabel Fernando Poo to London
c1950 King George VI 2 1/2d blue STO foreign card format
1940 King George VI 2½d blue unused letter card with 1½d instructions
1921 King George V 4d green plus 1d carmine registered envelope
1899 French PPC with Serbian 5 para postage dues gutter pair
1919 Sweden registered cover with 25 ore Tjanste Frimarke stamp used in Ronneby
1946 Polish FPO 101 pmk on 10 mil Egypt stamped to order envelope
1938 Vatican City 2 lire on registered postcard
1924 Paris Olympics small format lettering advertising slogan, used during Games, scarce RUE DES HALLES machine
1939 Helsinki Games advertising slogan on cover prior to cancellation
1941 Late usage King George V 1d STO postal stationery postcard by Naval personnel
1861 Superb WORCESTER Spoon code L on tiny postal stationery envelope - late date
1924 PPC Egypt to Hastings: undercharged with scarce 1½d Postage Due/258 Charge Marking
1942 King George VI 5 1/2d Registered Letter: 3d Postage Due, sent by Mufti of Jerusalem Posted Out Of Course
1851 QV 1d imperf cover with blue MISSENDEN udc
1816 Free Outer with scarce WENDOVER/46 mileage mark to London
1850 Superb seriffed IVER udc in red on reverse of QV 1d imperf Uxbridge 830
1764 Two Line DORCHESTER on Entire sent to London
1887 QV 1d Gibraltar postal stationery postcard overprinted on St Vincent PC
1914 George V rare FIFE SORTING TENDER DOWN 458 A pmk on local PPC
1816 AXMINSTER Penny Post and mileage mark to Langport
1790 Manuscript Missent to DURHAM entire from London
1849 Neat Blue TANFIELD unseriffed cud under CHESTER LE STREET
1838 Rare SEATON PENNY POST (Durham) on entire to Leeds
1856 Fine green seriffed RAINHAM on QV 1d red env to Sussex - very rare
1859 Superb HORNCHURCH encircled undated in blue on pink envelope QV 1d plate
1855 Rare HORNCHURCH circular undated on front of Romford-Saffron Walden cover
1815 ROMFORD PENNY POST in black on entire with RH no 7
1843 1d Paid In Cash at Oxford, missent to CHELTENHAM - fine skeleton marking
1847 Neat NEWNHAM I skeleton on 1d paid entire to Tewkesbury
1797 Outer with Straight Line LEICESTER to Rochdale
1867 SOUTHAMPTON 5 Bar Duplex on One Shilling P&O cover to France
1797 Straight Line RINGWOOD to Oxford
1863 QV 1d Env 120 Numeral Error of RINGWOOD
1870 4d Rate Cover to France with 5 Bar Duplex of Southampton
1892 Registered COOK ISLANDS cover to Paris w/first issue set of four plus additional 1d
1902 KEVII ½d blue-green ADMIRALTY OFFICIAL postal stationery PC
1856 Neat LEAMINGTON Spoon code E on Insurance questionnaire entire
1858 BURTON UPON TRENT spoon cancel code C on envelope
1856 First type WOLVERHAMPTON 905 spoon cancel
1856 QV 4d red vertical pair on shiny paper w/Newcastle Sideways Duplex on cover
1872 MANCHESTER clip/punch cancel and 498 duplex on QV ½d postcard
1923 India PPC to Dalvern: 1 1/2d Postage Due - deeper shade
1941 Ethiopia to Kenya EAPO 60 Ala Littoria airmail envelope
1834 BRENTFORD entire to Bagshott Surrey via HOUNSLOW
1851 HAREFIELD blue udc under UXBRIDGE on QV 1d imperf cover
1872 Edgware Middlesex '6' in oval cancel on QV 1d cover
1871 Superb QV 1/2d on Norwich Diocesan Church Assoc. wrapper to East Dereham
1777 2-line NORTHAMPTON on entire - 1d charge to Daventry
1857 Fine ROTHWELL green udc under KETTERING on cover
1846 Very fine BARRAS BRIDGE R.H. framed in blue on QV 1d postal stationery env
1783 2-line NOTTINGHAM in purple on outer to Brick Court, Temple, London
1930 King George V 1½d booklet pane w/Air Mails advert on Aberdeen cover
1942 First Day Airletter King George VI 6d (7 Dec) to M.E.F.
1849 HENLEY ON THAMES 355 blue green on QV 1d imperf cover to London
1914 UPPINGHAM (UP) parcel post label
1792 IPSWICH straight line entire charged 4d to Norwich
1854 Neat GAZELEY cud in black under Newmarket - scarce reversed Z
1824 YOXFORD straight line on Paid 8d outer w/More to Pay manscript
1849 Superb SUDBROOK PARK cachet w/PETERSHAM in blue cover to Towcester
1843 Superb BRIGHTON Maltese Cross on QV 1d postal stationery envelope
1850 BURWASH black udc under Hurst Green on entire to Mansfield
1847 Neat seriffed black HENLEY IN ARDEN udc w/78 numeral QV 1d imperf cover
1853 STRETTON ON DUNSMORE seriffed udc under Coventry on QV 1d postal stationery envelope
1878 Local letter w/KIRKBY LONSDALE cds only - scarce
1879 HEREFORD Post Office Receipt for rent of private letter bag
1911 Very fine KEVII 1d aniline pink SG275 on Harrogate PPC/postmark to Paris
1936 King Edward VIII 2 1/2d first day cover advertising envelope to Gothenburg, Sweden
1903 King Edward VII Registered 2d letter w/one shilling stamp to Germany
1896 QV 1½d+4d 9 florets STO cover registered to Zittau, Germany
1907 Rare John's Lane Power's Irish Whiskey Distillery Dublin Advertising Env
1934 Air Mail Cover with Col. Roscoe Turner handstamp
1936 King George V 2'6 Seahorses plus 1'- airmail cover to Brazil via Paris
1877 Superb QV 1/2d plate WORCESTER cds on wrapper
1858 Very fine MISSENT TO WORCESTER on QV 1d postal stationery envelope
1850 QV 1d Red pl CD Blue 29 ASHBURTON entire w/BUCKFASTLEIGH udc in red
1853 COMBE udc on QV 1d Postal Stationery env to London
1847 ASHBURY udc on neat small local Farringdon cover QV 1d imperf Christmas Day usage
1943 King George VI 5½d Registered Letter w/additional 6d and Express label
1847 ABERYSTWITH U.P.P. 1d on Shield in Red on outer
1847 Blue 47 of BANGOR on entire to Anglesey
1878 Notice of Objection in Denbigh County to Walton Hall, Warrington w/QV 3d
1909 Neat POSTED ON "LA MARGUERITE" blue cachet on photo postcard of paddle steamer
1840 Superb SHINRONE Straight Line on Outer to Dublin
1880 QV 1d Postal Stationery postcard used MALTA A25 duplex
1847 QV 1d imperf pair w/TOO LATE GPO & 1 numeral cancels
1861 QV 4d on cover w/305 Fowey to France
1937 LATE FEE PAID King George VI additional ½d on Cardiff 1d+½d cover
1945 King George VI 3d postcard to France
1939 Royal Hotel Woburn Place advertising env w/King George VI 2x1d & 1/2d to France
1810 ARRAN Straight Line on entire charged 5d to Ayr w/SALTCOATS arrival
1835 ROTHSAY Isle of Bute straight line on outer to Glasgow charged 7d
1870 Dublin Duplex 186 on strip of 4 QV 1d pl133 entire to Bordeaux
1854 BELFAST Split 62 diamond on 4d rate entire w/2 pairs 1d imperfs
1872 L1 in red on QV 6d plate 9 outer to Madrid
1847 Leeds 447 numeral in Blue on QV 1d cover to Bradford
1848 Red FLUSHING seriffed udc QV 1d imperf env Cambridge to Falmouth
1852 Neat Blue 670 St Austell on QV 1d red cover
1839 Scarce CHUDLEIGH PENNY POST on entire to Lympstone
WW2 Eighth Army Pictorial Airgraph Xmas Greetings Egypt to Newport
1906 London EC Columbia machine cancel on PC - scarce
1891 British North Borneo 3c Postal Stationery Postcard used SANDAKAN to Germany
1953 Maldive Islands set (2 larees to 1 rupee) on cover to New York + 2 later definitives
1897 New South Wales 1d Greetings postcard of Sydney Post Office
1913 Rare MILITARY P.O. CAIRO arrival datestamp on Harrogate PPC
1913 Neat rubber datestamp of COBO sub-office Guernsey on Judges' Moulin Huet PPC
1839 TO PAY ONE PENNY Dundee on Scottish Widows Life Assurance Medical Report Form
GB USED ABROAD QV 5 shillings San Juan Porto (Puerto) Rico C61 1860s
1858 Scarce ST PETERS TOWN udc under Manchester Life Assurance outer
1846 QV 1d pink postal stationery env HASLINGDEN 500 numeral Lancashire
1892 Scarce tiny Walsh & Co Auckland New Zealand Postal Stationery Advertising Postcard
c1785 1st type 30 BERK/HEMPSTEAD outer charged 4d to Soho, London
1844 WADESMILL PENNY POST via WARE Paid entire to London
1879 Straits Settlements FOUR double overprint on 5c postal stationery postcard
1895 LISCARD LIVERPOOL Squared Circle on cover/letter to USA
1853 Neat BLACKBURN ringed skeleton pmk in oxidised red dispatch datestamp on cover
1854 Blue-Black CHEETHAM HILL cud under Manchester 498 in blue QV 1d cover to Liverpool
1847 Undated seriffed PARK ROAD LIVERPOOL on QV 1d env to Belfast
1849 YATTON KEYNELL udc under Chippenham QV 1d pink postal stationery envelope
1761 Two-line NORWICH on entire to London
1842 Fine PAID 1 in red of MARLBOROUGH on part-outer
1907 Scarce FLADBURY squared circle on PPC
1851 QV 1d Postal Stationery Env BOWNESS udc WINDERMERE cds to Much Wenlock
1882 DEREHAM squared circle on cover+letter to Llanelli re. post
1839 NEW CROSS MANCHESTER 2-line on 2d rate entire to Royal Hospital Chelsea
1840 LIVERPOOL L Paid entire to London w/P*L
1870 Rare oval PAID B in red on QV 4d Liverpool 466 entire to France
1850 Neat blue seriffed DOBSCROSS udc under Manchester QV 1d imperf cover
1862 QV 9d rate cover to Aden with ADEN STEAMER POINT backstamp
1851 QV 1d entire w/BECKINGTON udc seriffed under CHIPPENHAM
1889 Illustrated CALENDARIA BOTANICA RIDICULOSO satirical art publication
1794 POST PAID Hexagonal datestamp on Entire Hampstead to Wales
1928 GIZO BRITISH SOLOMON ISLANDS Registered cover w/George V 5d / 6d / 1/- stamps to England
A HISTORY OF BRITISH POSTAGE STAMPS 1660-1940, T. Todd, 1941 (2nd reprint 1949)
1899 SUDAN 4 Milliemes black on 5m Egypt Postal Stationery postcard
1907 SUDAN 2 Milliemes black on 3m Egypt Postal Stationery postcard
KOREAN POSTAL HISTORY 1884-1905, Mizuhara Meiso, 1998 English edition
1896 QV 10c Morocco Agencies Gibraltar Postal Stationery PC TANGIER to UK A26 duplex
1852 Philadelphia PHILA 24Cts PAID Cover w/AMERICA PAID LIVERPOOL & red 9
1944 King George VI 3x1d NORWEGIAN ARMY FIELD POST OFFICE cover to GB
1963 Field Post Office 1033 Edinburgh Airfield South Australia Atomic Tests Force Airmail Cover
1848 BAMPTON-OXON udc black QV 1d imperf cover to Abingdon
1852 Neat blue 68 BEWDLEY QV 1d imperf cover to London - worn plate
1848 CHELTENHAM 3 skeleton used as arrival datestamp on QV 1d imperf London cover
1853 Neat blue seriffed WOODCHESTER under Stroud QV 1d pink postal stationery env
1848 WHITTLESEA black seriffed udc under Peterborough QV 1d imperf to London
1920 Revalued Forces KGV 2d black Registered envelope with additional 2d die
Superb 1841 Haselbury Penny Post on local CREWKERNE entire QV 1d 4-margin imperf
1846 CASTLE CARY undated circular on QV 1d imperf cover to Yeovil via Bath
1853 STAFFORD 780 Error of Numeral QV 1d Pink Postal Stationery Env
Fine 1851 LEEK 448 numeral in blue on QV 1d red envelope
1788 Curved WEYMOUTH on entire to London charged 7d
1850 QV 1d 4-margin imperf Env w/scarce blue LEWANNICK Launceston 439 numeral
1855 QV 1d pink postal stationery env w/FIVE-LANES udc in blue and LAUNCESTON backstamp
1854 POLBATHIE udc on QV 1d 4-margin imperf mourning env to Aylesbury
1849 Neat Blue SUTTON udc under Longborough on QV 1d imperf 4-margin Midland Railway Derby outer
1839 Leicester School Census Entire w/EARL SHILTON udc to Kirkby Mallory 1d post
1850 DUDLEY 293 Error of numeral in blue part-cover (should be 263)
1850s KILWINNING Ayrshire boxed Scots local postmark QV 1d red on small piece
1850s KILWINNING Ayrshire boxed Scots local QV 1d red on neat piece
1860s GRASSMARKET Edinburgh Scottish local on QV 1d neat piece
KGV 2½d blue+½d green embossed STO postal stationery env/sheet unfolded
1903 KEVII 2x2d GRANTHAM (GM) Parcel Post label
c1900 TETNEY (Under Grimsby) Parcel Post label
1848 Fine QV 1d imperf w/WINDSOR-BRIDGE straight line & BOTTESFORD udc in green
1853 MANSFIELD WOODHOUSE udc on QV 1d Poor Law circular to Atherstone
1853 Green WORKSOP skeleton arrival mark on 1d imperf env
15x NORTHAMPTON Squared Circle postmarks on QV & KEVII neat pieces 1886-1908
1944 Xmas Greetings "It All Depends On Me" pictorial airgraph Field Post Office 481 CMF to Sutton Coldfield
WW2 Xmas Greetings Italy Pictorial Airgraph CMF General Hospital to Glasgow
Xmas 1941 RAF Middle East Habbaniya Iraq pictorial airgraph
1888 OHMS Legacy & Succession Duty Office Somerset House Entire w/LONDON OFFICIAL PAID
1956 Eire 1'3+1s Airmail Env DUN LAOGHAIRE w/radio license slogan pmk to USA
1866 QV 1d London & Dover TPO C68 Pmk WH SMITH & SON Ring
1870s William Lincoln QV 1d Postal Stationery Advertising Ring London EC8
1931 Egypt Ras-El-Tin Palace 3 mills green Postal Stationery PC Mint H&G31
1855 ST ROLLOX Glasgow Scottish local pmk on QV 1d red outer to Motherwell
1857 OSBORNE BUILDINGS Glasgow Scottish local pmk on QV 1d env to Welshpool
1853 WHITEHOUSE under TARBERT Scottish local pmk on 4-margin QV 1d imperf env to Paisley hospital
1857 HUDDERSFIELD Sideways Duplex on QV 1d re outer to Burnley
1864 ABINGDON Sideways Duplex on QV 1d plate 88 Env to London
1918 HOUNSLOW datestamp on US Air Force PPC WW1 to Wisconsin
1909 KEVII ½d PPC w/WE4LDSTONE skeleton pmk - 4 error for A
1855 Seriffed CRANFORD BRIDGE under HOUNSLOW QV 1d red env to Lincoln's Inn
1848 SOUTH RECEIVING HOUSE Yarmouth 927 QV 1d imperf blue paper env to Rye
1831 Hounslow-Brentford Receiving Mark 2d entire to Brighton
1906 ISLEWORTH skeleton pmk KEVII ½d PPC Scottish Highlands peasant hut
Jersey 1941 WW2 German Occupation 1d Red Arms of Jersey Shield First Day Cover
1942 KGVI 10d Urdu Active Service Env Airmail to GB w/Deputy Chief Field Censor mark FIELD POST OFFICE 397
1838 ABERDEEN Entire to London w/Additional ½
1838 Perth Scottish Widows' Insurance Sheet to Edinburgh w/Additional ½
1850 Uniform Penny Post PD1 of Northampton on entire to Stourbridge
1854 Very fine HALTWHISTLE 166 under Carlisle on QV 1d red env
1838 Edinburgh Additional ½ on local entire
1838 Edinburgh Additional ½ on London Cabinet Maker invoice/statement re estate
1837 Paisley Additional ½ on outer from Ayr
1839 Paisley Additional ½ on outer charged 8d to Edinburgh
1829 DUMFRIES Additional ½ on entire charged 8d to Edinburgh
1838 GLASGOW Dalkeith Additional ½ on entire charged 8d
1833 ABERDEEN Additional ½ on entire charged 1/3 to London
1837 KIRKCALDY Additional ½ on entire Lochgilly to Edinburgh re. shooting
1834 BERWICK PENNY POST Additional ½ outer to Edinburgh
1934 BYRD ANTARCTICA EXPEDITION II Real Photo PC of Admiral Byrd used Little America to New York
1851 London Life Insurance Form QV 1d imperf 53 numeral w/blue Shadwell backstamp
1876 QV 2½d SG139 plate 1 on blued paper w/scarce London 28 diamond in bars on cover to Belgium
1874 LONDON SE12 district pmk w/cuts in top bars on QV 1d red mourning env to Ireland
1858 LONDON SW15 QV 1d pink postal stationery env w/EAST-CHEEM udc
1846 ALNWICK 3 skeleton of dispatch QV 1d red imperf env
1841 HOUNSLOW Middx datestamp on Postage Paid entire to Sherborne Dorset
1842 OXFORD ST LEICESTER seriffed cud on QV 1d red imperf cover
1836 DUBLIN Additional ½ oxidised red entire Waterford to Bank of Scotland Glasgow
1858 London 22 diamond QV 1d perf 16 env Brixton to Birmingham
1858 BOW WILBY TERRACE London udc w/EC duplex 75 QV 1d env to Gainsborough
1859 CAMDEN TOWN BRECK. PL. blue backstamp on QV 1d env to Yorkshire
1857 London Cresswell Duplex 71 on QV 1d red entire to Bradford Wiltshire
1856 Blackheath straight line in blue on QV 1d red env London 50 to York
1860 LONDON SE8 QV 1d env e/LEE CHURCH-ST udc late use
1842 Greenock Maltese Cross QV 1d imperf cover to Inverary
1917 Palestine Feldpost military AOK4 & cachet Gruss Aus Jaffa PPC
1893 German East Africa 3 PESA 3 overprinted 5pf postal stationery PC
1850 QV 1d 4-margin imperf Env Guernsey to Ulverstone 824 numeral & 3 skeleton in blue
1855 QV 1d red entire w/blueish 29 numeral of Ashburton to Wellington
1898 Togo overprinted 10pf Germany postal stationery postcard
1898 Togo overprinted 10+10pf Germany postal stationery postcard
1828 London Additional ½ & Leith green additional ½ on entire to London w/S for Sunday datestamp
1870 QV 2x1d Plate 132 Used Neat Mourning Env ROYSTON Herts->Ashwell w/Baldock transit
THREE CENTURIES OF SCOTTISH POSTS, A.R.B. Haldane, 1971 (hardback)
ADHESIVE WAFER SEALS, Champness & Trapnell, 1996 (hardback)
AFGHANISTAN ITS 20TH CENTURY POSTAL ISSUES, Frank E Patterson III, 1964 (hardback w/dustjacket)
1904 Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet Code B Columba Cairnbaan PPC
1913 Greenock & Ardrishaig Packet Code A Columba Tarbert PPC
1857 Inverness Experimental 183 duplex code D cut away bars QV 1d star cover
1857 Stirling Experimental 308 duplex QV 1d star OHMS cover to Edinburgh
1859 Greenock Experimental 163 Type II duplex code E QV 1d star env to Belfast
1858 Dundee 114 Experimental Duplex code E QV 1d star part entire
1843 Stirling Maltese Cross on QV 1d cover to CRIEFF
1859 Kilmarnock Duplex code D QV 1d star cover
2 SEP 1803 Rare Dated CHESTER entire charged 6d to Rochdale Cheshire/Lancashire
1848 WELLESBOURNE seriffed udc in red under Stratford on Avon QV 1d imperf 754 numeral env
c1916 WW1 German POW camp real photo PC parade Kerry Newtown Wales
c1916 WW1 German POW camp Wales real photo PC Kerry Newtown
c1916 WW1 German POW camp Wales real aerial photo PC Kerry Newtown
1849 Naul RH Balbriggan Ireland NOBBER udc cover Paid 1d
1841 Tring Hertfordshire double Maltese Cross QV 1d black cover to Poplar
THE POSTAGE STAMPS AND POSTAL HISTORY OF BRITISH GUIANA, W.A. Townsend & F.G. Howe, 1970 (hardback w/dustjacket and original box)
THE STAMPS & POSTAL HISTORY OF NORTH BORNEO PART 1 1883-1893, L.H. Shipman, 1979 (paperback)
THE STAMPS & POSTAL HISTORY OF NORTH BORNEO PART 2 1894-1908, L.H. Shipman, 1979 (paperback)
1836 HOLKHAM Norfolk straight line seriffed 6d pre-stamp cover
1840 QV 1d black plate 7 (DG) 3.5 margins red Maltese Cross of UTTOXETER on cover to London
1841 Frampton on Severn Penny Post UPP outer to Dursley
1814 DARKING (Dorking) Surrey Crown Free cover
1833 Crown Free entire ESHER Surrey to Edinburgh
1840 QV 1d black (HI) 4-margin w/red Maltese Cross entire Gloucester SALE POSTPONED notice
1795 Straight line SPALDING on pre-stamp outer charged 5d to Barton Lincolnshire
1794 FOLKINGHAM 2-line mark on entire charged 5d to London
1854 Blue seriffed HILLINGDON udc on QV 1d imperf 4-margin cover to "Isle Wight"
AIRGRAPH, E.H. Keeton, 1987 (paperback)
1853 ASPLEY Bedfordshire bluc udc under Woburn on QV 1d imperf cover
1840s Smethwick PY POST Birmingham on 4-margin QV 1d imperf cover
1833 Fine WITNEY undated circular on entire to Moreton in Marsh



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