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1849 Naul RH Balbriggan Ireland NOBBER udc cover Paid 1d

Fine 1d paid cover with interesting undated circular and receiving house marks

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1910 Blarney Castle PPC used Belfast with LATE FEE PAID 62 mark

This is a 1910 Blarney Castle picture postcard used from Belfast to Durham, England. It received the boxed LATE FEE PAID 62 marking (62 being the post town numeral of Belfast) and had a halfpenny stamp extra because it was a late fee paid at 8.45pm on the day of posting.

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1839 Derry outer: PAID AT DERRY and No 5 Receiving House marks

This is a prepaid prestamp outer from Derry with a red boxed PAID AT DERRY marking, overstruck with a No. 5 Receiving House mark in black. Sent to Dublin, where it received the squared PAID marking of May 31st.

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